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Custom Collage


Labyrinth of Collages is a 'must-have' for brands, influencers and publications to showcase their vision.


Each custom collage takes 5 business days to create. Please order ahead of notice and head to the contact page if you plan to purchase more than 3 collages.

If you would like to collaborate with Paria for a larger project, please head to the contact page


All prices are stated in Australian dollars. 

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When ordering a custom collage you will be asked to link a dropbox or google drive file with the images you would like in your collage. Please make sure images are not too small or too pixelated. 

There is also an 'additional comments' section, where you are free to write any more details regarding your collage. E.g. Custom format and dimensions of the collage, date and time needed by (Make sure to order at least 5 days in advance, as it takes this long for collages to be made), links to any collages I have posted on Instagram for sources of inspiration. 

Once your collage has been created, you will receive the digital file from to the email you have provided, with the subject header 'Labyrinth of Collages'. 

Difference between 'Custom Collage' and 'Personal Custom Collage'

A 'Custom Collage' is suitable for brands and influencers wanting to use a collage to promote themselves or a product through any social media platform. A 'Personal Custom Collage' is suitable for an individual wanting a collage of their loved ones, to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, a vacation etc. Personal custom collages are allowed to be shared on any social media platform but are not to be used for promotional use.